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extracts from e-mails or letters from our customers

from 5 countries and 3 continents around the globe

Steam And Things are proud to present:


AA - "first impressions of a high quality and well thought out product"
AA - "as is usual for your kits, look to be of a very high standard"
AD - " an excellent kit"
AP - "It's lovely to have it and we shall keep it in the display cabinet" RTR model
BB - "The kit looks excellent and I look forward to having a go at it"..... later ....."They look good behind the Agenoria model of 'Eadeweade' "
BB - "I'm delighted with the etches and look forward to building when I have a clear spell"......later....."...your beautiful kits..."
BH - "Am very impressed with the whole package, a real quality piece of work."
BH - "Thanks for the excellent work, much appreciated."
BW - "..they look super."
CP - "Excellent service as usual"
CJ - "The etches are brilliant and they are even nicer than ..... suggested they are. Brilliant work thanks again"
DB - "Transfers arrived safe & sound. They are great."
DC - "I am most impressed with it"
DN - "...your honesty and customer service do you credit"
DP - "....I am delighted with them. The quality is superb and having compared them against the locomotive plans they are absolutely spot on for font and size. Many thanks again for doing a great job on the decals."
DR - "They look really excellent....."
DS - "May I say, I was most impressed with your prompt and helpful service. I wish more UK traders in the model railway world could match your business acumen. I would not hesitate to recommend you to other modellers.
GR - "The transfers (decals) are brillant"
FD - "Etchings arrived a.m. Bonza job"
IP - "I should add that I am impressed with the content, presentation and packaging of the kit"
IP (again a different one - all these coincidences!) - "first impressions - looks superb"
JO - ".. an impressive piece of work"
JQ - "I must compliment you on the excellent quality of the etchings and the castings".
JQ (the same) to another party - "When I saw the quality of the etches after my initial purchase, I had no hesitation in placing a further order"
JF - "I saw your kits at my brother's last week. They look very nice indeed"
JF (the same one!) - "They look great (the custom etches) and thanks for the time and trouble you took to make them look just right"
JF - "Many thanks for the etchings - they are superb"
JH - "All in All a very fine quality model, exceptional detail and finish, would not hesitate in acquiring other models from you in the future"
JL - "A fantastic looking kit and an excellent collection of transfers"
MM - "Etchings arrived ......Extremely pleased and inspired to start building right away now!"
MW - "Nice etches!"
PB - "I'm very impressed with the kits and all the info."
PB - "Very pleased with it and impressed"
PC - "I'm very impressed with the package you have put together - comprehensive instructions, CD etc."
PC - "I have to say that that is an impressive turnaround time from initial contact to delivery!"
RB - "...arrived today safe and sound and I am really happy with the results. They are all that I expected an excellent job."
RB - "Thank you for the excellent service."
TD - "Thank you for such a brilliant service!"
TG - "I can only say that they look superb" ..... "and I have been delighted with the way you have come up with the goods"
TK - "..and am delighted with the product, may I thank you for your time and patience".
TW - "The service was brilliant, prices very good and the owner friendly !....."
VR - "Very nice work!"
WB - "I only wish some of the hobby's retailers and producers here in the UK were as efficient and as courteous as you!"



BG - "Got the decals excellent! I'm very happy with the out come"
CS - "NICE!" and "Fantastic kit!"
PW - "I greatly appreciate the extra effort you have gone to"
posting - on an internet discussion group: "The fact that the customer service was phenomenal....... made the process even better"


CF - "Once again thankyou it has been a pleasure doing business with you"
DM - "They are absolutely fantastic and turned out much better than I thought they would."
LG - "Again the work is great and just what I need......great job......they are a great fit
MS - "The kit package is excellent"
MS (a different client) - "They look magnificent........."
PM - "The nameplates are perfect"
PR - "After examination and reading the instructions, I am MOST IMPRESSED. The quality of this kit has inspired me to get back into serious modelling".(not our capitals)
PR - ".........your very good instructions"
RM - "I believe you have exceeded any possible expectation as to customer service"
posting - on a Yahoo group : "Just a note to let everyone know that I have dealt with Robert in the past and his work and services are OUTSTANDING." (not our capitals)


CM - ".....I am very impressed with the quality"
LD - "Received the etches today.....they loook extremely good"
PL - "Very nice work! I now feel that I had better start the loco again to bring it up to your standard".
PL - "Many thanks for the excellent work, particularly the lettering which is most impressive."
RF - "The etches arrived safe and sound (very nice)....."


AD - "My son in law rang; he loved the kits and won first prize with them at a local modelling competition"


SH - "Etches arrived this morning and are brilliant"


AR - "....and painted them and they look very good"
BB - "That's fantastic service! "
BM - "...very good value for money"
CE - "....decals arrived safe and sound. Also to thank you for your patience and perseverance in putting them together for me, they are superb."
CT - "Thanks for your speedy service"
DW - "I saw some at ...... and was impressed"
FC - "I was just on the phone praising your efforts..."; "The kit is building into a very nice presentation of the prototype"
IJ - "The motion bracket made up magnificently,..... it really looks good."
IW - "I am most impressed".
KM - "They are perfect! Just as expected and I am very happy with your service."
GW - "....lovely work..."
MD - "....and they look great!"
MH - "...couldn't get over the detail on them; abolutely excellent"
MW - "Loved the quality of the frets......."
WS - "...awesome, thank you" ....... "they are outstanding"


CR - "Love the quality of the etchings, just georgeous"
RB - "Most impressed with your powers of persistence and workmanship!!"
BP - "........they look bloody brilliant !"


MS - " for the instruction booklet, it is absolutely exemplary."

New Zealand

KP - "... and the etchings are lovely"


HK - "Etchings arrived...... I haven't put any together yet, but they look incredible...."
MB - "Thank you so much for the delightful etches.... "

Please keep them coming!

Please use these links to access our site. These and further links for other general categories and an expanded list is also in the blue navigation panel on the left hand side.

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