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Hundred of Manhood & Selsey Tramways

7mm (O) 1:43.5 and 4mm (OO) 1:76


1/4 inch (O) 1:48 and 3.5mm (HO) 1:87

This model may well be suitable to run as freelance narrow gauge

As of above date available in 3.5, 4mm and 1/4". 7mm to follow

In 1927 a pair of railmotors was ordered from Shefflex Motors Ltd., who operated out of Tinsley in Sheffield. These were delivered to the Selsey Tramways (by then the West Sussex Railway). Shefflex was a manufacturer of lorries and trucks, and their chassis was used as a basis for the units.

They were a better design than the Ford vehicles, but still suffered from many problems whilst in service. They were slightly larger than the Ford units, and in the same way as the Ford, were coupled back to back and had a luggage trailer alloted to them.

The baggage railer was delivered in 1928, around the same time as the railmotors, and like the others, was built by Messrs. Cranes of Dereham.

A unique variant on the Selsey Tramways was the use of the Ford and Shefflex railmotors back to back!

The kit is as complete as possible per our usual specification with transfers and we will produce special transfers for the freelance builder, or those with modeller's licence! Please read the exact specification below for the 7mm and 4mm kits - there is a difference. Wheels are not included in the kits (per standard practice) and please see section further down about wheels, after kit specification.

The product is available from us, in both 4mm and 7mm versions. Others scales are a definite possibility subject to orders. Click on this link to see photos of the 7mm test build and the test etches.

The kit will be available in a variety of combinations to suit modellers' requirements and imagination:

  1. Paired car set
  2. Paired set with baggage trailer
  3. Selsey 'mix and match' combination (when the Ford vehicle is produced)

7mm Kit specification is as follows:

  • Etched brass in 0.3mm (12thou), 0.5mm (20thou) and 0.125mm (5 thou)
  • Body construction with etched detail overlays
  • Nickel-silver chassis
  • Internal detailing - this is in the form of simple etches for seating, driver's seat etc.
  • Other etched details include wheel overlays, brackets, springs etc.; there being a total of some 60+ parts in the kit without multiple counting, for items 1-3 above
  • Castings for engine housing,headlights, electric bell and exhaust pipe
  • Lining transfers (supplied in gold; yellow on request)
  • Wire, screws, glazing, etc. (7mm and 1/4" only)
  • Comprehensive instructions with drawings and photographs of the prototype are included, including on CD
  • 1/4 inch Kit specification is as follows:

  • Exactly as per 7mm; no variation, including castings
  • This IS NOT a 7mm kit
  • It is an exact scale 1/4", O variant
  • Please note, due to the very small size of the model, and the fact that it is of a very open glazed construction,motorisation will be an issue. There may be a number of ways to motorise this kit and we are not putting forward ideas or recommending systems, as there are major changes in the (parts) market place at the moment and products available today may not be available tomorrow.
    The kit has therefore been developed as a rolling chassis, and as part of our bespoke customer service we will etch free of charge our standard chassis (and any other required items?) with cut-outs etc. to suit the modeller's specific requirement.
    We have however designed the floor and chassis with a removeable central section to facilitate motorisation.

    4mm Kit specification generally follow 7mm
    but there are no cast parts, but advice and some aid is given
    the total number of parts (as part numbers) exceeds 40, not counting multiples, so there are hundreds parts! the distinctive bonnet is made up from etches and overlays, though the modeller will have to fashion the small bonnet out of solid styrene or similar

    3.5mm Kit specification is as follows:

  • Exactly as per 4mm; no variation
  • This IS NOT a 4mm kit
  • It is an exact scale 3.5mm, HO variant


    This section is specficially about wheels in 7mm scale. We have no experience with wheels available on the 4mm market.

    Would be purchasers of the 7mm kit are strongly recommended to contact us (prior to purchase) to discuss wheel options and what we propose in the kit. Wheels can form a distinctive part of the prototype, and this is certainly no exception. We are experimenting with production of wheels for our own use; our results may be of interest and and are viewable on the test build link above.

    For narrow gauge (freelance) specification, contact us with your requirement. It may be that the kit will be suitable for your gauge as it is - due to the design of the prototype - or we could offer an alternative chassis.

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